Blackhawk Air Mask
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Blackhawk Air Mask

Ultra Elite Facepiece:
  • All-black Ultra Elite facepiece, available in Hycar or silicone
  • Three Sizes of facepiece with two sizes of black nosecups
  • Nightfighter™ HUD System mounting bracket
  • SpeeD-ON® Head Harness

Mask-Mounted Regulator:

  • Firehawk™ Regulator with Push-to-Connect feature
  • Neoprene intermediate pressure hose
  • Variable flow bypass system
  • Purge button
  • Nightfighter™ Heads-Up Display functions as the low-pressure warning device and cylinder pressure gauge
  • System consists of a transmitter mounted on the gauge line and a receiver that mounts on the facepiece
    **There is no audible low-pressure warning device on this unit
  • A series of LEDs provides the user with cylinder volume information
  • LEDs function in an intermittent mode and can be refreshed by depressing the refresh button on the transmitter
Harness and Carrier:
  • Composite backplate made of glass-reinforced thermo-set plastic
  • Waistbelt, shoulder straps and pull strap are all made of flame and heat-resistant (FHR) Kevlar
  • Optional FHR shoulder pads and lumbar pad
  • Optional FHR chest strap
  • Adjustable Kevlar cylinder retention strap with over-center latching system
  • Cylinder shroud that encompasses the cylinder and Air Mask pneumatics.  Shroud is made of Advance FHR material
  • The Blackhawk™ Air Mask is available in both low-pressure (2216 psi) and high-pressure (4500 psi) operating systems.  Carbon-fiber cylinders available for use are:

L-30     Stealth

H-30     Stealth

H-45     Low-Profile Stealth

H-60     Stealth

Quick-Fill System Option:
  • A shoulder-mounted Quick-Fill system option is offered

Workline Accessory:

  • A workline accessory will be available in 2003 that will allow the SCBA to connect to a portable air supply system

Carrying Case:

  • A hard case or soft case are offered for storage purposes

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