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Permiation Data

Made from Norfoil, a remarkable lightweight, flexible laminate which resists permeation and breakthrough by an array of toxic/hazardous chemicals

Men's sizes: S, M, L

An excellent choice from chemical and petrochemical laboratories, spill cleanups, hazmat control operations, photo finishing, medical laboratories and a host of other applications.

Features: Benefits:
Resistant to a wide range of solvents:
aromatic, chlorinated, oxygenated (ketones and alcohols), esters, and aliphatic.  Also resistant to water based systems including most acids and bases (caustics).
Eliminates the need for stocking many different gloves to permit the handling of different types of solvents, acids, and bases.
Highly impermeable to more solvents, acids, and bases commonly used in industrial operations than any other type of glove on the market today. Totally dependable protection for workers handling a greater variety of dangerous materials
Low cost; disposable Can be made readily available to workers.  No recycling.
2 weights available Silver Shield Lite for applications requiring more flexibility and dexterity.
Unique, flexible film Conforms readily to the hand, yet provides full protection
Distinctive silver color Easy identification.  Prevents mix-up with common, less permeation resistant heat sealed gloves
Ambidextrous No pairing needed.  Fits either hand.
Can be used as a secondary glove (inner glove) Allows the maximum worker protection in heavy duty job applications where the dangers of mechanical damage are high
Packaging Keeps product neat and secure until time for use.  Can be wall mounted, out of the way, but in the work area.
Chemical resistance and permeation chart of each package Easily referred to in multiple chemical areas.

The Silver Shield Gloves from NORTH

Information Data



Nitrile Powder-Free
Textured Blue 

-100% Latex-free / Powder-free
-Superior puncture and chemical resistance
-Proprietary low modulus formulation reduces hand fatigue
-No MBT's, Thiriums or Carbamates
-100% inspected /Approved for medical use
-9 1/2 inches length beaded cuff
-5-6 mil thickness
-Non-Sterile / Ambidextrous
-100 per box / 20 boxes per case
N811 Small
N812 Medium
N813 Large
N814 X-Large
The HIGH FIVE nitrile glove is 100% Latex-Free and contains no natural rubber proteins. This soft and supple glove is easy to don, odor-free, and offers an unequaled fit and feel compared to conventional exam gloves. Our unique synthetic formulation reduces hand fatigue and offers superior puncture resistance and chemical resistance compared to latex or vinyl gloves. The HIGH FIVE powder-free nitrile is the ideal solution for individuals allergic to latex. Hand packed in convenient dispenser boxes; color-coded by size.


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