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Design 1

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HARDBOOM was developed specifically for “permanent deployment” and is one of the most effective ways to have your boom system in place before a spill occurs.

Offering three (3) standard designs, HARDBOOM protects those areas where it would be particularly sensitive to an oil spill; the area that would be far too costly to get into and clean up; the area, which if shut down for a lengthy period, would cost more than the cleanup. It was also designed to protect your facility from someone else’s problem.

HARDBOOM is made of super strong, high tensile belting, 60 times stronger than most fabrics used in deployment booms.

The floats are constructed from super durable, high quality foam filled ABS plastic.  The closed cell filled floats are tested tough for withstanding abrasion, resisting marine growth, taking on wave action and remaining functional at all times.

As well as our other systems, ABBCO uses connectors that meet all ASTM standards. This allows you to connect HARDBOOM directly to your existing boom. In an emergency, this versatility could be extremely valuable and cost saving.

For permanent placement, a special, low maintenance, Cable Tide Riser System (CTRS) has been designed to have the boom remain in position, yet automatically follow the rise and fall of the tides, no adjustments necessary, no manpower required.

Design 2

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Design 3

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Freeboard Draft Overall Weight/FT Standard
TOTAL Tensile
Design 1 8 inches 10 inches 18 inches 6.3 lb 50 feet  Lead 27,000 lb
20.3 cm 25.4 cm 45.7 cm 2.9 kg 15 m Weight 12,258 kg
Design 2 10 inches 14 inches 24 inches 6.8 lb 50 feet Lead 36,000 lb
25.4 cm 35.6 cm 61 cm 3.1 kg 15 m Weight 16,344 kg
Design 3 12 inches 24 inches 36 inches 7.3 lb 50 feet Lead 54,000
30.5 cm 61 cm 91.4 cm 3.3 kg 15 m Weight 24,516 kg

* The information in yellow is measured in metric.

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