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Brief Relief Disposa-John™ Kits contain everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. Our patented "bag in bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor, while our special blend of polymers and enzymes instantly begins to break down the waste and convert it into a deodorized gel.

Disposa-John™ Key Product Features:

  • Comes complete with sanitary towelette and toilet paper
  • 3 ply gas impervious design
  • Virtually odor free
  • Easy to use
  • Trash container safe, meets State, Federal E.P.A. and Provincial disposal requirements
  • Unique bag-in-bag design provides users with safety and convenience.
  • Suitable for disposal of feminine hygiene products

The Disposa-John pouch is really two bags in one. The gray liner is designed to be pulled up, over the seat for extra sanitation, while the foil bag contains the polymers and enzymes to instantly gel and break down the waste.


A pocket size, single use, sealable bag for liquid waste. Designed specially for today's mobile work force and people on the go. Brief Relief™ is designed for use by both men and women and includes a sanitary wipe for easy clean up after use.
Product Code - BR608


The Brief Relief™ Disposable Urinal Pouch provides a safe and convenient alternative when nature calls. The bags can be used by both men and women. Our proprietary blend of naturally bioactive polymers and enzymes instantly turn urine into a deodorized gel. The funnel design and one-way valve prevent accidental spills.

Designed with military standards in mind, Brief Relief even comes complete with a high quality sanitary Towelettes for clean up after use.

Safe for disposal in any trash receptacle, Brief Relief™ answers the age old question - Where do you go…when you've got to go….but there's no where to go?

Also sold as part of the Field Lavatory Kit

Brief Relief™ Key Product Features:

  • Wide collar and fold out handle
  • Gels liquid upon contact
  • 4mil plastic pouch for safe handling after use
  • Snap lock channel for final closure
  • Designed for easy of use by both men and women
  • Spill proof, leak proof and odor free
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket or vehicle glove box
  • Trash-container safe urinal bags meet State, Federal E.P.A and Provincial disposal requirements
  • Contains naturally occurring Non Toxic polymers and enzymes
  • Safe, Sanitary and Convenient

Brief Relief™ in your vehicle glove box…….Just in Case!


The Brief Relief™ Privacy Tent
A lightweight, water resistant tent that measure 4 ft. X 4 ft. is 7 ft. tall when erect and weighs only 7 lbs. (3 kilograms). The Privacy Tent can be deployed in a matter of seconds, comes complete with tie down ropes, stakes and a wide skirt at the base.
Product Code - PQ500
The Brief Relief™ Privacy Tent is a lightweight, durable nylon structure that deploys in less than 2 minutes. Its spring action mechanism allows for simple use by any member of your work force. The Privacy Tent comes complete with tie down ropes and steel stakes for safe and secure set up.

Privacy Tent™ Key Product Features:

  • Weighs only 7lb. (under 3 Kg.)
  • Spring action hinges for easy set up
  • Flame retardant, mildew resistant material
  • Water resistant, non conductive
  • Includes tie down ropes and steel stakes
  • Large skirt around base allows for extra secure set up
  • Opaque material for user privacy
  • Inside zipper for added user privacy
  • Includes over the shoulder carrying case.

Product Note: The Privacy Tent is water resistant but can be waterproofed for a nominal fee. Speak to your Brief Relief representative for more details.




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