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The Science of Tyvek® and Tychem®
Tychem® and Tyvek® garments are tested against a broad range of hazardous materials to determine permeation and penetration which is critical for fabrics that are exposed to hazardous chemicals or particulates. Permeation occurs when a chemical is absorbed until it saturates one side of the material and then desorbs, or diffuses, to the other side of the material. Penetration tests are used to determine whether or not a fabric will leak or be able to block the passage of a particulate or chemical. By developing fabrics that pass these tests, DuPont helps protect first responders and industrial workers from hazardous liquids, vapors, gases and particulates.



Tychem® SL

CPF® 2
Exposure Level: Moderate - particles and light liquid splash

Protection:  Protection against nuclear, biological and chemical aerosols and light liquid splash

Domestic Preparedness Uses: Triage, victim transport, biological cleanup, heavy blood borne pathogens.

Kappler Chemical Tape: 99402


WARM ZONE - Permeation Data

Tychem® BR

Tychem® LV

® 4
Exposure Level:  Moderate to high protection against liquid splash and spray

Protection:  Protection against nuclear, biological and chemical aerosols and moderate to heavy liquid splash

Domestic Preparedness Uses:
Victim decontamination, victim recovery, cleanup/mitigation, body recovery


CPF® 3
CPF 3 Ensemble Construction

Chemical Resistance Data


Two different pressure test kits, designed for periodic air pressure testing of Level A suits, are available from DuPont.  The kit for testing Tychem® Level A suits is compact, lightweight & completely self-contained, requiring no external air supply.  The kit for testing Responder® Level A suits is compact, economical and easy to use.

Pressure Test Kits:(click)

Thermo Pro (click)
Typical Applications: HazMat Teams in Fire Departments, Industrial Fire Brigades, Clan Lab Investigation, Industrial Chemical Processing Plants.


Tychem TK

Responder NFPA Ensemble
Exposure Level:  High level of protection against heavy aerosols, liquid splash/spray and hazardous gases

Protection:  Highest level of protection against hazardous vapors and heavy liquid splash and spray.  NFPA Ensemble offers additional protection against direct flame and abrasive situations.


Training Suits:  DuPont offers several styles of training suits that provide an economical and effective option for HazMat training  

Chemical Resistance Data  *  Permeation Data

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