Repair Putty
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Epoxy Putty Tackles the Toughest Repair Jobs

  • Adheres to steel, glass, masonry and most plastics.

  • A quick and effective solution to cracks, broken seals and leaks.

  • Simply pinch off the amount desired, knead to a uniform gray and press into place.

  • Hardens like steel in only one hour!




Physical Properties

Density: 15 4/5 lbs/gal (1 9/10 gm/cm 3) Shear Strength: 700 psi

Tensile Strength: 6000 psi

Modulus of Elasticity 6 x 10 5psi Temp (Intermittent): 300 F (149 C)
Hardness (Shore D): 85 Izod Impact: 3 ft.-lb./in. of notch
Compression Strength: 18000 psi Temp. (Continuous): 250 F (121 C)



Product and Packaging

7" L x 7/8" Diameter

12 sticks per box. Shipping Weight: 4 lbs

Storage Conditions

Exothermic reaction at 123 F Unaffected by cold. Best used when warm

Shelf Life

Several years if stored in original tube with cap on.



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