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Skyhook Rope Winch System

This capstan style winch is rated to haul people into helicopters.  It fits onto a Sked-Evac tripod.  It can handle unlimited lengths of rope and is self tailing.  It has recently been discovered for use in the WMD/Haz-Mat environment.  When using continuous loops of rope it can haul as many as 6 victims at one time while delivering empty HMD Skeds back to the Hot-zone

Skyhook  rope Winch Includes:
  • Skyhook winch
  • Custom carrying case
  • Trailer hitch mount
  • Powerhead bracket
  • Powerhead
  • Standard crank arm
  • Floating crank arm (optional)
  • Cordura cover for winch capstan
Item Number Description
SK-2530 Skyhook Rope Winch
SK-2531 Skyhook Rope Winch Only (tripod mount)
SK-2532 Skyhook  Universal Plate Mount (Optional)

Complete Skedco/Skyhook WMD/ Hax-Mat Patient Evacuation System

This system includes everything necessary for rapid evacuation of mass casualties in a chem-bio environment.  Because we never know how far away we can get from the Hot-zone we are including continuous loop twisted polypropylene ropes, 1 each, for distances of 100 ft., 150 ft. and 200 ft.  Longer ropes are available by special order.  This kit allows as many as 4 rescuers in level A to work in the Hot-zone on a major incident.  There are 2 Skeds for each rescuer in level A.  There are aslo 4 clean Skeds for moving patients from the warm zone to decon to prevent dragging contaminated litters outside the area. 

Note: It would be advisable to have a shower system between the hot and warm zone to drag patients through to initially decon the patients and litters.  This will be extremely important if they need to wait any length of tme before going through the decon station.  Ambulatory patents can also walk through it.

This kit consists of:
  • 12 HMD Sked Stretchers & 3 rapid deployment bags
  • Skyhook Rope Winch System (SK-2530)
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 200' distance
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 150' distance
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 100' distance
  • 2 knot passing pullies
  • 2 2" polypropylene slings
  • 14 large aluminum D carabiners
  • 40' " nylon kernmantle rope
  • 2 8mm PMI prussik cord
  • 8 Haz-Mat rope grabs
  • 40' " polypropylene solid braid rope
  • 1 100' extension cord with reel
  • 1 large screw driver

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