Safety Shovels
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Made from non-sparking and Heat Resistant Polypropylene anti-static agent added to minimize surface charge

Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance makes these ideal shovels for use with explosive materials and volatile liquid clean-ups

This lightweight, two piece shovel can be dis-assembled for easy storage in clean-up kits

6891SS T-Grip 12" x 10" x 39"
6892SS D-Grip 12" x 10" x 39"
6895SS Pan Shovel 12" x 10" x 21"
6896SS D-Grip-Extended 12" x 10" x 44"
6897SS D-Grip-Short 16" x 14" x 35"
6899SS T-Grip 16" x 14" x 41"
6900SS D-Grip 16" x 14" x 41"
6985SS D-Grip-Extended 16" x 14" x 46"

Hazmat Squeegees

Looking for an economic solution to chemical clean-up problems? These squeegees are the answer. Made of chemically resistant polyethylene, they're tough and economical. The curved-blade model will push large volumes of liquid and contain spill areas more effectively.

Model Dimensions (W x L) Description
6608 4.2" x 8" Polyethylene blade
6612 4.2" x 12" Polyethylene blade
6618 4.2" x 18" Polyethylene blade
6624 4.2" x 24" Polyethylene blade
6630 4.2" x 30" Polyethylene blade
6530 4.2" x 28" Polyethylene blade, curved

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