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  Privacy Curtain
  Model 8800SC Easy-to-install, yellow polyethylene double-coated Tyvek modesty curtain protects the user by providing privacy for removal of contaminated clothing and helps contain the wastewater: Expanded size 40" x 40" x 72".
  Carrying Case
  Model 9088 green carrying case made of heavy-duty double-layer oxford fabric with a 1/2" diameter drain hole in the reinforced bottom. Expanded size 16" diameter x 52".
  Containment Pool
  Model 8800CP 150 gallon, easy-to set-up, corrosion-resistant, yellow vinyl-coated collapsible waste containment pool. Expanded size 5' x 6' x 8".
  Hose Bridge
  Model 8800HB PVC plastic hose bridge enables fire hose to cross over the edge of the containment pool to connect to Model 8800 shower.
  Model 8800GHA PVC plastic garden hose adaptor assembly to connect the Model 8800 shower to a 3/4" hose connection. Includes snap-on support rod to keep overhead nozzle from sagging.
  Shower Connector
  Model 8800HC 36" x 1-1/2" diameter heavy-duty fire hose connector with 1-1/2" NH anodized aluminum adaptor and 1-1/4" IPS brass adaptor. Designed to connect two Model 8800 showers together in tandem for mass decontamination.
  Shut-Off Valve
  Model 8800SOV 1-1/2" brass gate valve with 1-1/2" nipple. Used to control water supply to Model 8800 shower, if desired.



Decontamination Shower

Model 8800 is a portable, lightweight, highly effective, and economical decontamination shower that can be rapidly deployed by one person in less than 2 minutes. Unit is automatically erected to 86 inches high once connected with water supply. One overhead nozzle and four-direction pre-set side nozzles provide average 25 gallons per minute of water to drench entire body thoroughly within seconds. It can be used for decontaminating either stretcher-bound or walking casualties. Multiple units can be easily connected together in tandem for mass decontaminations. Working pressure: 30 to 90 psi. Supply: 1 1/2" NH.






Quick Deployment

One person can make system fully operational in less than two minutes without the use of tools.  Connects to standard garden hose.  Fully deployed and operational within ten seconds of turning on the water.

Complete Drenching

Fully deployed, the shower stands 8 feet tall.  Seven spray nozzles positioned in the top and around the sides of the unit provide complete drenching of the emergency responder or victim.

Highly Portable

Completely portable shower and pool provides safe, effective response for a variety of locations including:  construction sites, loading docks, agricultural areas, and other emergency response locations.

Lightweight, compact design
assembled and operational in
less than two minutes by one
Accommodates emergency
responder in full chemical gear
with SCBA
120-gallon capacity pool provides
up to 30 minutes of shower use
Use with standard garden hose
32-001187-0000 Emergency Shower w/Carry Bag
32-001180-0000 Emergency Shower Only (no bag)
32-001188-0000 Retention Pool w/Carry Bag
32-001182-0000 Retention Pool Only (no bag)


32-001184-0000 Drench Hose
32-001181-0000 Shower Carry Bag
32-001183-0000 Pool Carry Bag

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