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SK-250 (complete HMD Sked Rescue System with strap kit)

This litter is designed for use in mass casualty incidents such as airline crashes, terrorists incidents, or any other incident where large numbers of people must be evacuated.

The HMD Sked is extremely versatile.  It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways.  It requires less effort from rescuers wearing level A protection.  The two inch side release buckles on all straps are easy to handle with the thick gloves on level A or B suits.  The straps are polypropylene for resistance to chemicals.  They have sewn loops on the ends for quick attachment and removal.

Patients can be rolled onto the HMD Sked rather than lifting or carrying.  This creates less rescuer fatigue and allows many more victims to be saved.

SK-250 Complete HMD Sked Rescue System - w/strap kit
SK-251 HMD Sked - body only
SK-252 HMD Sked Strap Kit
SK-253 HMD Sked Rapid Deployment Case - Yellow
Note: Add "BL" after product number for Stretcher and accessories in Black
A downed rescuer in level A can be roll loaded by using his air tank for leverage and evacuated before the standby team can zip up and enter the area.  This allows his rescue without committing the standby team or leaving the hot zone.

Ropes are attached to both ends of the HMD Sked for towing out of the Hot Zone by rescuers at decon, which allows saving energy and precious air of the level A rescuer.  This results in many more victims being saved.  We have seen rescuers package 25 patients in 10 minutes using this method.

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