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Suggested Emergency Response Lighting Kit

#1924-12A Low-Voltage Vaporproof Handlamp
with a 12 volt in-line transformer and a 25 ft. secondary cord
#2350 Explosionproof Handlamp
with a 100 watt, 120 volt bulb and a 50 ft. cord.
#1940-12 Weatherproof Low-Voltage Transformer
12 volt, with 2 receptacles, 200 va, each receptacle protected with a Flip Seal Cover.
#1948-12 Vaporproof Handlamp
with 12 volt bulb, and 50 ft. #14/3 SOY cord.
#1917 High Intensity Low-Voltage Handlamp
with in-line transformer and #1937-12 spotlight bulb, 4 ft. #16/3 SOY primary cord and 50 ft. #16/2 SOY secondary cord.
#1510PW163B Extension Cord Set
50 ft. length with Ericson Perma-Tite water, mud, and dust resistant plug and connector NEMA #5-15, 15 amp 125 volt.
#1000 High Pressure Sodium Portable Lamp
(70 watt, 110 volt bulb) with 4 ft. #14/3 SO lead cord, and Ericson Perma-Link plug NEMA #5-15
#2450 Explosion Proof Fluorescent Handlamp
2400 Handlamp w/50' or 16/3 type SOW-A cord and 1510P Perma-Link male plug.
  Emergency Lighting Hazardous Duty Bag Available

The safety electrical devices listed here comprise a Suggested Emergency Response Lighting Kit that will meet many emergency needs.

We have many others in our extensive line of safety transformers, handlamps, GFCI's, outlet boxes, fluorescent lighting, cord sets, etc., and it will be easy for you to customize a selection to suit your particular needs. 

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