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    ITEM# 99-81-001
Universal Pressure Test Kit

Universal Pressure Test Kit

Universal Pressure Test Kit this new universal test kit is designed for periodic air pressure testing on all Level A fully encapsulated suits. This compact, lightweight kit is completely self contained, requiring no external air supply. Pressure test kits are used to test Level A garments per the methods described in ASTM F 1054, "Practice for Pressure Testing of Totally Encapsulated Chemical Protective Suits" and EN464 "Leak-Tightness of Gas-Tight Suits (Internal Pressure Test)".

If you currently own an older Pressure Test Kit, call Customer Service for information about purchasing adaptors that will allow you to test all DuPont Level A suits.

Typical Applications: All Level A, gas-tight suit applications.

NOTE: Proper decontamination and visual inspection for damage and excessive wear and tear must occur before beginning any pressure testing.

Level A/NFPA Test Kit

Maintain your encapsulated suits with this easy to use test kit.  Kit features an easy-to-read Magnehelic pressure gauge, digital timer, sturdy brass and steel fittings, hoses and connectors in a waterproof case.  Complete instructions included

Part No. Description
00010 Level A Test Kit
00011 NFPA Test Kit
00013 Twist Lock valve fitting
00015 Adaptor for the test kit to test DuPont Level A Suits
00019 Universal test kit for DuPont/Lakeland Level A and NFPA Certified suits
Click here to see Lakeland Test Kit Instructions


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